Education for Greener Future, Lahti 16.-18.5.22


How inspiring it was to attend the seminar about Education for greener future – The role of school in sparking climate awareness and enthusiasm on 16.-18.5. in Lahti and Messilä!

What a beautiful nature and a great city! Thank you for the organizers for this great event: the city of Lahti, Erasmus+ and the National Board of Education in Finland. It was well planned and organized in a climate friendly way. It was a pleasure to keep one of the workshops of the seminar. Thank you for all for the interesting conversations and inspiring speeches!

In our workshop we talked about climate friendly school lunches, school trips, school energy and attitude and we presented this way the themes of the Repair Manual for Schools: Food, Motion, Infrastructure and Attitude. Jussi also presented the guide for responsible international mobility, made in Oulu too.
It was nice to see people from different countries who are interested in making a greener future together. This gives hope.


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