The Repair Manual for Schools is ready for testing!


The Repair Manual for Schools (for carbon neutrality) is ready for the test run!

We have now published all the climate badges and the texts for the background guide. For now, it’s only in Finnish. We’re planning to translate it to English and Swedish as soon as possible.

We have produced:

  • The Climate School Expert -badge system, which consists of 42 different sized badges to show your climate skills.
  • A 100-page background guide with comprehensive information on the themes to support the implementation of the badges: Introduction, Food, Transport, Infrastructure and Attitude.

Choose a theme, read the intro text on our website, check out the Climate Badges on the Do-It-Yourself page, download the background guide to help you complete the tasks. If you already have climate competence, you can show it in the badge application, for example with an attachment. Or you can acquire additional competence through our assignments.

Some of the pilot schools have already started testing our badges and many experts have already commented on the texts in the background guide. We will be collecting more comments during the current school year and will release an improved version in the spring of 2022. It is also intended to adapt the Repair Manual for Schools and the badges to various school subjects.

What else have we done lately?

The Repair Manual for Schools also includes a section dedicated to the carbon neutrality of the entire school community. It also consists of climate badges: the vision, the present state, the routes and the road map. The first schools have already completed some badges.

The Climate Calculator for Schools, which is being developed with Häme University of Applied Sciences, has also progressed brilliantly: the calculation formulas are ready and the user interface design is very advanced!

Thank you all! Let’s continue after holidays. ❄❄Relaxing holiday for everyone. ❄❄


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