Toreilta toimintaan! From talk to action! 

Man-made climate crisis is a scientific fact.

If almost everything we are doing now needs to change, then shouldn’t we change what we are doing in our schools? The climate crisis has created a sense of anxiety in the air. As educators, we have the responsibility to offer young people sights of hope and to teach them skills, such as resilience and flexibility, to cope in the changing world.

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The first project 2019-2021

The Ilmastonmuutos lukioihin! (Climate Change in Upper Secondary Schools!) -project empowered people in the upper secondary schools of Northern Ostrobothnia to take climate action during 2019-2021. We have toured around Oulu and Northern Ostrobothnia to tell 200 teachers and more than 4,000 students why it is essential for upper secondary schools to offer the common knowledge necessary for the 2020s: the Ecosocial Approach to Well-Being. It is the goal to achieve the good life within the ecological limits of our only planet. We have created a climate network of teachers and students in Northern Ostrobothnia that will begin the change within our upper secondary schools.


During years 2019-2021, we have:

  • Developed the action of the climate network created in the area, like the Youth Climate Panel, that have made concrete climate actions in upper secondary schools and spread the word of sustainability.
  • Supported a group of students and experts in making the Students’ Climate Calculator, that won the international StarT Competition.
  • Built online courses for the students in the second degree (upper secondary school and vocational education). The courses will teach students how to affect their climate choices within their environment with appropriate knowledges and attitudes. We invite all upper secondary school students in Finland to take part.
  • Updated upper secondary school teachers knowledge of climate change and produced and improve teaching materials about it. We’ve encouraged teachers to approach the climate crisis holistically – not only from the natural sciences perspective – but also from the social, cultural, psychological, historical and economic perspectives.
  • Collaborated with both the universities and the universities of applied sciences’ to learn from one another.
  • Implemented climate studies in our network upper secondary schools.


Climate education in a new way?

We’ve started another project called Ilmastolukiot (Climate Upper Secondary Schools) which will continue the climate action in six upper secondary schools during the school year 2021-2022. With these schools we will test and develop materials during the next year, but all the materials are still open to all schools (the Open Badge Factory climate badges are only for restricted number of school this year).

We think the whole school as a learning environment for climate action: we explore our school, make climate actions as a community and concentrate on reducing CO2 emissions. From talk to action and from individual to community!

Our concrete aims are to develop together with schools and other partners:

Check out the Repair Manual for Schools which is now translated into English!

You can also read the article about our project here and the newest article here.

The climate of tomorrow is made today.


Please send us a message here, if you have an idea of how we could collaborate.




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